Pain After Mole Excision, Is This Normal?

I had a moderately atypical mole removed yesterday and got internal sutures and 5 on the surface. The incision is so painful! But no signs of infection. Every move I feel pulling, is this normal? The internal sutures don't dissolve for 6 months, will I feel this tugging/pain the whole time?? Please help!

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Pain after mole excision

The level of pain and symptoms you're describing are completely normal after a small surgical excision.  These generally resolve after a few days.

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Pain after mole excision

Most likely you are feeling the pull of the sutures themselves (or a bandaid?) and the pain is just from the fact that you had a procedure and are very aware of it. You can take some Tylenol if you'd like, but the pain should lessen in the next day or so, and the tugging should go away with the external set of sutures is removed.

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