My teeth are breaking and one has a major hole in it . What should I do?

my teeth keep breaking and leaving me with a barely any tooth left just bits near the gum and ive lost 3 teeth now and have half a tooth now too, I dont know what to do i brush twice a day and dont smoke any longer eat healthily but my teeth still keep breaking

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Breaking Teeth

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Great Questions however the answer needs to be determined with figuring out what is causing the breakdown. Teeth can break from being weakened by decay, aging fillings, resorption caused by other factors, trauma, and or heavy biting forces.

See a reputable dentist and have them figure out the cause--then you can discuss your treatment options to turn this around.

Good Luck

Broken tooth and hole

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Hi there,

I would see a dentist as soon as you can to have a comprehensive exam to determine what your dental needs are. The unfortunate thing with teeth is that they will continue to get worse if not treated, so the sooner you address the situation the less time and money it will take to get to a solution!

If finances are a concern, dental schools are a great place to look for a very thorough exam.

Best of luck!

Breaking teeth

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most dental problems occur and develop without signs or symptoms like pain.  Infact ,  you will not know there is a problem until your tooth breaks.  Even though you have good hygiene , brush, our teeth sometimes have small pits and fissures , that are just big enough for bacteria that are .5 to .75 micrometers.  So any small defect in your tooth is like a freeway for them.   The key and like always see a dentist to check for any other small defects to prevent you from breaking or losing anymore teeth. 

Richard Sprague, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist

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