What can I do about my front tooth? It is rotting from the top; how can I fix this and what would it cost? (Photo)

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What can I do about my front tooth

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Hi and Thank you for your question:

It appears from the photograph that you have decay that is affecting the root of tooth #6 (canine). The location of the decay is such that it would be difficult to correct and it may even mean getting a root canal and therefore a crown afterwards. The recession of the gum those not help and because your smile line is high this would cause a significant esthetic defect. My suggestion would be to remove the tooth and place an Implant in an appropiate location. Please visit an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon for consultation regarding the implant and your dentist for crown on implant. Good Luck to you from your friendly Oral Surgeon!!!

Rotting Tooth

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From what I see, you have 2 issues with that area. First, there probably is a cavity on the root of your tooth. That's an easy fix by removing the decay, followed by putting a tooth colored filling there. The other issue is the the tooth has a significant amount of gum recession on it and that's one reason why the tooth decayed as well. That problem should  be addressed also. The filling might cost several hundred dollars, depending on the dentist. the more significant fee would be for the gum treatment. You might even need to see an Orthodontist, too. ( Sorry about answering your question and more)

Decayed tooth

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Great Question--the dark area looks to be decay at the gum line--this should be easily restored with tooth colored composite --fees vary with the dentists office. Good luck!

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Saving a tooth with decay

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The picture you posted is not very clear and the information provided are not sufficient to provide you with an adequate diagnosis.However, here is what I tell you based on what I think I see on your picture.It appears that you upper right canine (eye tooth) has a lesion at the gum line.A clinical and exam and x-ray are needed to confirmed the diagnosis.This could be tooth decay (dental caries) at the neck of the tooth.  Depending on the extent of the decay, the treatment will be do restore the tooth.  This can be a simple as putting in a tooth colored filling or it can get more involved if the decay is deep and involving the nerve of the tooth.I would recommend seeing a dentist in your area as soon as possible.  Your remaining teeth appear to be in good shape and it is always better to intervene early before the damages are too extensive. As for costs, the depends on where you are.  However, if this turns out to be a simple cavity that only requires a filling, your are looking at treatment costs in the 200-500 range.

Rami Jandali, DMD, MS
Farmington Prosthodontist

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