What is the best dental solution for small chip on bottom front tooth and about how much would it cost? (Photo)

I chipped my tooth when I was younger by hitting my face on cement part while exiting a pool. Last week, I made the chip indent even bigger by accidentally hitting myself with a hard plastic reusable water bottle. I felt pain when it happened that quickly subsided. But now I'm experiencing headaches and some pain in the general vicinity of my mouth that I hit. I also feel like I have ruined the appearance of my smile. Does it look like I have caused serious damage? What are my options/how much $

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Your smile!

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Thanks for sending your question. Small chips such as the one that you presented with are easily restored with cosmetic bonding. It can be blended to look as the same color as your enamel. Fees depend on the particular office that you visit. All the best,

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Chipped tooth

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It would appear that the tooth could be simply restored with bonded composite. Unless the hit was pretty severe I question whether the headaches are related. See a good cosmetic dentist--don't let anyone just smooth the area--it needs to be restored to proper shape and function. Fees all depend on the dentist you choose--you don't need the most expensive but the cheapest would not be wise either. Good luck

Chipped Tooth

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First of all, don't worry, you didn't ruin your smile (which, by the way is beautiful). All you need is to have bonding done to the tooth. Your dentist places a tooth colored resin material to the corner of the tooth and can make it look like you never chipped it! Hopefully your dentist enjoys the artistic component of dentistry so he or she can make the restoration invisible. It shouldn't cost more than a few hundred dollars to do.

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