What is the Outcome of This Lateral Sweep?

I am 4 weeks po. Will this lateral sweep go away?

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What is the outcome of the lateral sweep after my face Lift?

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 I have performed Face Lifts for over 20 years and the picture seems to be fresh post-op after your Face Lift with blood still evident around the incisions.  Other than a prominent line, under the skin, which if not due to a thread or suture, the rest should and will no doubt improve with time...which is typically 3-6 months following a traditional Face Lift.  However, as alwyas it's best to have this discussion with yiour Face Lift surgeon.

Face lift

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Lateral sweep is usually caused by pulling the skin in the wrong direction.

In your case it may soften with time. Wait 6 months if it stll bothers you, you will need a revision.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Lateral crease after face lift

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It depends  on the actual cause of this indentation (previous wrinkle pulled sideways, superficial liposuction, suture pull, lateral sweep of tightened muscles, etc) as to how this will resolve.  Most likely you still have swelling in the skin, therefore this crease will probably improve with more time.  It looks more superficial than that caused by muscle pull.  If it is more superficial, it can probably be corrected by fat grafting or juverderm injections.  Otherwise the results look quite nice.  Best to talk to your plastic surgeon to see what he or she recommends

Lateral sweep after a facelift

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It's difficult to tell from the photo if this is a lateral sweep or a ridge of collagen or tissue from your lift 4 weeks ago.  We all heal differently but in general after a facelift, our body recruits collagen to the area of surgery and can create a ridge.  This starts around 2-3 weeks and can get fuller until 6-8 weeks before it starts to settle down.  Ripples, ridges, dimples, mounds, etc., can occur as a result of this collagen recruitment to the areas of healing and generally subside starting at 10weeks after surgery. It is not common and the vast majority of patients do not develop such issues but some can, and though it is inconvenient, it should resolve with some massage and time.  Partner with your plastic surgeon to get the best result. 

Creases and Lines in Face after Facelift Surgery

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In the initial healing phase of all types of facelift surgery there can be lines, sweeps, creases and pinched up areas on the face and neck. This is a normal part of the process. The vast majority of these will disappear within 2 weeks. Depending on type of facelift done and your inherent healing, some may linger on for 3 months. Anything lasting beyond 3 months needs to be examined and addressed by your surgeon.

Be well,

Dr. J

Kamran Jafri, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

Final Results of Facelift Take Time

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Everyone wants an immediate result - including surgeons! Unfortunately this just isn't how we heal. Four weeks is just too early to tell. There are many predictable portions of the healing process that ALL PATIENTS EXPERIENCE. Although both doctor and patients would like to not have this happen, it is part of the healing process.  Massage can some times be of benefit during this time period These Side effects refer to what you will be experiencing from the facelift healing process: Here are some of the common things you will experience. The common side effects include: swelling which is maximum 2-3 days later, bruising (highly variable), numbness which takes several months to resolve,  tightness takes several days to months to resolve, discomfort chewing (technique dependent), discomfort (generally mild with this surgery, nausea (variable) and in some patients emotional lability in some. Although most of the visible edema resolves in 2-3 weeks in mini-lifts and 3-4 weeks in traditional facelift approaches, residual firmness (edema you feel but don’t see) can linger for several months. Skin suppleness also takes a while to return as does scar maturation. I tell my patients it takes up to a year for final resolution of the healing process. In my experience, the above rough time table is usually delayed in smokers, when multiple procedures are performed together and when resurfacing procedures are done at the same time as the lift. The same is true if complications occur such as infection, hematoma, skin loss or compromise, etc.  Facelifts and all surgical procedures for that matter share several possible complications - such as excessive bruising or bleeding (e.g. hematoma), injury to deeper structures, anesthetic complications and so on

Cheek Crease after Facelift

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A lateral sweep deformity is a due to redraping the skin inappropriately.  Your cheek shows an indentation and the reason for this is unclear.  My suspicion is that the indentation is the result of a drain.  You are pretty early postop and this should improve with time.  Continue your regular follow up with your surgeon. 

Michael Sundine, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Lateral sweep

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Although I think it will get better, I am unsure why that line is so deep. It would be hard for me to imagine that line will become flush with the surrounding skin enough to be eliminated. Without knowing what was done surgically, it might be that there was as suture placed that is causing the problem and cutting it might help. Another cause is that the drain was placed in that area and left some irritation that will take time to abate.

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