Did Braces Ruin My Gums and Teeth?

I had (normal sized) teeth and my ortho didn't care about my results, just that I paid. Braces off for a year, after lots of brushing, my teeth are still small and im convinced the gums are inflamed and that they cover some of my teeth. She is unsympathetic, impetuous, and very defensive (she blames it all on me) Refund request would mean hell for me. GUM LIFT perhaps? Is there a way to reduce the price of it? Or make my ortho do something about it? MONEY IS A PROBLEM!!!

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Gum recontouring may be needed after braces

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It is difficult to know exactly why your gum tissues are as prominent as they are. Many patients have excess gums covering their teeth - whether or not they have had orthodontic treatment. So it may be that it is not related at all to your braces.

Judicious removal of excess gum tissue can make a dramatic difference in smile appearance, so that is something you should consider. You might want to arrange a consutalion at the Department of Periodontics at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry in Baltimore. There you will get an expert opinion about your options - and if you do go ahead with treatment, a lower fee than in a private practice. 

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Gum inflammation is common with braces

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Gums can be irritated by simply being exposed to brackets or from poor hygiene habits while wearing braces.  This would not be the orthodontists fault, and MAY not be your fault.  It just IS.

Gum treatment, with a laser or other tool, is likely needed.  It should NOT be expected to be part of the original treatment, so expect a fee to do so.  If no fee is asked for or collected, it is due to generosity of the orthodontist.

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