Can Braces Move An Adults Jaw Forward Even Slightly?

I am 26 and have an ugly overbight. mild crowding and they are not straight it seems like my jaw is not as far forward as it should be . my bite is terrible. feels like my bite pushes my jaw back. sad and thinking about getting braces soon. i really want it to help my jaw forward if possible.

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It's tougher on an adult but doable in many cases

As you probably already realize, making orthopedic movements in adults is more difficult than in growing children.  However the type of bite you describe, where the jaw feels trapped by the bite, may be what we call a class II div 2 bite.  With these, once the upper teeth are tipped forward a bit, the lower jaw becomes unlocked and slides forward.  There are also some adjunctive procedures (not necessarily surgical) that can be done along with braces to help the jaw come forward or to camouflage a slightly recessive jaw.  Obviously a consultation with an orthodontist will help you know if this would work.

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