Can Sculpsure treatment be used for inner and outer thighs?

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Can Sculpsure treatment be used for inner and outer thighs?

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Currently Sculpsure is only approved by the FDA for the abdomen and flanks. But that does not mean it cant be used in other areas.  Just as Botox was first only FDA approved for the glabella but is used in different areas. This is called an off label use.  So yes it can be used in the inner and outer thigh although it is not FDA approved as of yet.

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SculpSure treatment for inner and outer thighs

Great question.  Sculpture can definitely be used for treatment of inner and outer thighs as well as many other areas like under butt, above knee, on the side of the knee, on lower legs, arms, bra rolls, etc.  It's an outstanding laser that can be customized to each body type to deliver great results. Now,  all those areas are considered " off label". Meaning the FDA only did clinical studies on treatment for abdomen and love handles, so they have data available to show and prove its efficacy. In my practice, I treat all of the areas listed above with great results and patient satisfaction.  Please find a SculpSure expert provider in your area in order to gain full benefit of this treatment as results do depend on the treatment design and appropriate settings,, not the machine.  Good luck. Best, Dr. Avaliani

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Sculpsure Treatment for the Thighs

Hello and thank you for the question. Sculpsure has FDA clearance for the reduction of fat in the abdomen and flank regions. Areas treated outside of the abdomen and flanks are considered " off label "; however, results can be expected in the areas. 

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SculpSure for Inner & Outer Thighs

Many patients get SculpSure on inner and outer thighs and have great results.It is FDA Approved for the abdomen and flanks only for the time being. Many patients treat different areas of the body. As long as the frame fits, we can use it in that area to treat.

Technology has just changed our lives again! Sculpsure laser dissolves fat in a new way to make any body part look more slim.

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SculpSure for the outer thighs

Yes, SculpSure can be used to treat fatty deposits of the inner and outer thighs.  However, it is important to note that it is not FDA approved for those locations (current FDA approval is for Abdomen and flak) and as such I would strongly encourage you to seek out board-certified experts in dermatology or plastic surgery for any such treatments.  

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Sculpsure for inner and outer thighs

Sculpsure is FDA approved for abdomen and flanks. Coolsculpting which is FDA approved for inner and outer thighs or liposuction would be better options. 

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Sculpsure for inner and outer thighs

Sculpsure is FDA approved for the abdomen and flanks but the procedure works for other areas as well.  It also works for the inner and outer thighs.

Can Sculpsure be Used for Inner and Outer Thighs?a

Sculpsure works by causing fat cells to die from exposure to the laser energy that creates heat. If the inner thighs have a moderate layer of excess fat, or the outer thighs, Sculpsure will work just as well there as on the abdomen and flanks.

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SculpSure for the inner and outer thighs

Thank you for your question. Yes, SculpSure can treat the inner and outer thighs. Our patients have had great results with the inner and outer thigh area. Each area must have an approved amount of fat deposit which is reviewed by the doctor that you consult with. Make sure to research one that is well versed on the SculpSure procedure. Good luck!

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Non FDA applications of Sculpsure... to do or not to do

Thanks for sharing your question. I can appreciate your concern.

Sculpsure is only FDA approved for abdomen and flanks. However, treatment of out of label areas can be done safely if there is understanding of the treatment and the risk and benefits. Cynosure is already working on the studies of further applications of this very effective technology.

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