Plastic surgery after a botch lipo and BBL which lead to septic shock

When I was 22 I went under BBL & Lipo and 3 weeks later was rushed to the hospital Becuase my body fell into septic shock see if the plastic surgeon would have caught it on time the healing would have been some antibiotics but for my case he didn't listen to my complaints and I almost died having a tracheotomy,my hips cut open which left horrible scars. will I be able to handle another surgery I feel like this life changing incident is stopping me from getting what I want Boob Job

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Breast Augmentation

Is is reasonable to consider further elective surgery given your previous experience. I recommend you consult with a board certified plastic surgeon and perform the procedure at an accredited hospital based facility. Be safe!

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Breast Augmentation

Developing septic shock after BBL is rare but can happen. It sounds that you had a bad infection " necrotizing Fasciitis?".However that is not a contraindication to another surgery like breast augmentation provided:1: enough time has lapsed since the infection and all wounds healed.2: you need to be in best medical condition. with clearance for surgery by family physician and possibly by infectious disease specialist.3: Choose the right surgeon, Board Certified plastic Surgeon, who is available to you all the time. and4: surgery to be done in a hospital or accredited facility.5: To be done in a your town where the Dr. Has privileges in a major hospital with access to all specialties6: do not go out of the country for the surgery

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