What would happen if you were to hit an artery during a neck Ultherapy procedure?

What would happen if you were to hit an artery during a neck Ultherapy procedure at the 4.5mm depth? Could this potentially be dangerous or pose any risk such as damage or blood clots?

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Hitting artery with Ultherapy

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We go over vessels every time , all the time when we perform an Ultherapy treatment. There is no evidence that it causes any problems.

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Ultherapy over vasculature

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Thanks for your question. 4.5 mm is the maximum depth of an Ultherapy transducer. The main blood vessels (jugular, carotids) lie deeper than that. As it is ultrasound, we are actually able to visualize structures such as blood vessels at times with the deeper transducer, but it is well below the line of treatment which is also displayed on the screen. I am quite certain that there are zero reported cases of blood vessel clot in hundreds of thousands of Ultherapy treatments done since it first came out in 2007.
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