I recently chipped my tooth on the bottom I was wondering would insurance cover it? If not how much you think it'll cost? (Photo

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Chipped Front Tooth

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Hi Troy from Baton Rouge!  The chip is  very small and, yes, insurance will cover the bonding so fix the tooth.  If you have had this problem before you may want the dentist to check your bite to make sure that is not the cause of the chipped tooth. Find a good dentist and get this taken care so it does not get bigger!

Van Nuys Dentist

Chipped tooth

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This is a minor repair and should be covered under insurance. The cost will vary based on your dentist's fees.

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

Chipped Lower Tooth

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That is a very common tooth to chip. It usually occurs because of your bite and happens at night while your sleeping. Fixing it is easy and should not be more than around 2-3 hundred dollars. The tricky part is to make sure you can't chip it again because of your bite. That may need to be addressed as well.

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