Cost of PRP with ACell treatment for hair loss?

I have a consultation coming up for PRP with Acell treatment for hair loss. What can I expect for this type of PRP treatment to cost roughly? Looking to have it performed in Orlando. Thanks
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In our practice we charge $400 for 3 ml of PRP and $600 for 6 ml of PRP. This is PRP that is 4 to5 times concentration. It includes my Rapaport  sub dermal Depo injection technique. Hope this helps. Good luck.


Englewood Dermatologic Surgeon
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PRP Costs

PRP costs vary.  In my center, most patients receive a full 8 cc of concentrated PRP. It is prepared by the standards utilizing the technique the has been proven by orthopedic and facial plastic surgeon as reported in respected medical journals.  Many patients need a few treatments to maximize results and follow up is important. I have seen average costs at reputable centers, for full 8cc treatments, vary from about $700- $900.

Roy Stoller, DO, FAOCO, FAAO
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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