Revision Asian eyelid surgery to lower crease possible? (Photo)

I had Asian eyelid surgery 3 months ago, and my incisions are too high, too deep and uneven. There are also some hard scar tissue beneath the skin. I look completely unnatural. I wanted to know, for future reference, if revision surgery to lower the crease is even possible so I can look a bit more natural.

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Lowering my crease with revision Asian eyelid surgery

yes you can but it will require more than just repeating the incision and lowering the crease.  You'll need to advance the levator tendon a bit to raise the kid while anchoring the new crease lower over your tarsus.  Wait at least one year in your case.  ONLY go to someone who obviously performs Asian eyelid surgery regularly.  I perform Asian eyelid surgery frequently and I can tell you your revision has some challenges but there's certainly room for improvement.  The healing process for your revision would be similar to your first surgery.

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Revision Asian Eyelid Surgery

The answer is yes.  It is possible to lower the eyelid crease with revision surgery.  I recommend you wait 6 months before the revision.  Scar massage can soften the scar.  Ask your surgeon about scar management.

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Revision surgery to lower eyelid crease

Yes, it is possible to lower the eyelid crease and soften the appearance of your eyelid crease. However, I'd recommend waiting for at least 6 months to one year before revision surgery for the best outcome.  Meanwhile, you can massage the scar daily to soften up the scar tissues on your eyelids in preparation for your revision surgery.  Good luck!

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