Uneven eyes at 12 weeks after Asian upper blepharoplasty? (Photos)

I had uneven eyes before (one with no crease and one with a small crease) so I decided to get surgery. I had upper eyelid surgery over 12wks ago with ptosis repair because one of my eyes had a mild case of ptosis. They looked even the first few weeks but now they look noticeably different. The eye that had ptosis is the one that looks like it is smaller (or has a smaller crease) now. Did my surgeon not completely fix my ptosis? Or the incisions were uneven? Or am I just still swollen?

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Uneven creases after Asian blepharoplasty. Post op 12 weeks

In situations where a ptosis repair and double eyelid surgery is being performed it can be a little challenging.  I perform Asian eyelid surgery every day and about 1/3 my cases are for ptosis or asymmetry.  I think it 12 weeks you can pretty fairly Judge the results of the surgery. If you want to address that asymmetry you may need revision but I would not be too discouraged. As I said, I performed a surgery very frequently and I certainly have to revise approximately 2% I'm on my Asian eyelid surgeries and up to 5% of my Asian eyelid  surgeries where ptosis is  involved.  Some of the revisions I do on my own patients are for asymmetry, some of them are for too much excess skin remaining after surgery, or in some cases the crease I create is not as defined as we would like. Keep an open mind and talk to your surgeon and see what they have to say.

Chase Lay, MD

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Uneven eyelids

3 months after upper blepharoplasty should be enough time for most of the swelling to have dissipated, however, when dealing with ptosis, it can take some time. You have to remember that your eyes are windows to your brain. If your brain is used to seeing pictures a certain way, it takes a bit of time for it to adjust. It looks like from one photo, one eyebrow is higher and that is precisely what often happens when your brain is trying to compensate for ptosis. I would continue to wait it out another 2-3 months. 

Lily Lee, MD
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