Is it ok to smoke MMJ after 3 weeks post op Asian Blephroplasty and Medial Epicathoplasty?

Hello! I would ask my doctor but since he is Korean (and Koreans don't really take to lightly of MMJ), thought this would be the best place to ask. Is it ok to smoke marijuana after 3 weeks post operation for double eyelid surgery? My doctor has said I'm healing much faster than anyone he's ever seen and most of my scarring is gone as well as most of the redness. All I have left is the red bruises and scarring along my bottom lids near where the epicanthoplasty incisions were made.

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Smoking marijuana after Asian eyelid surgery

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I'm assuming we won't get too many doctors to touch this question but in general I suggest patients avoid marijuana for about as long as they should avoid alcohol.  3 weeks would probably be ok but take it slow.I'm in California and A LOT of my patients (of any age and for many reasons) smoke.  I give these basic guidlines.  Don't smoke for about 2-3 weeks after surgery and about a week before.  AVOID ANY  edibles for a few months.  Avoid any strains that may make you paranoid or strains that are more likely to alter your state of mind.  Marijuana strains for sleep, relaxation, or even pain and inflammation would probably be best.  Don't ask me which, I really wouldn't know.
Good look, happy smoking in a few weeks I guess.
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