How to physically prepare your body for a Tummy tuck?

I want to know does being physically fit with a strong core help with recovery from a TT with MR? Does any of the docs out there suggest a specific diet and exercise program to prepare for surgey. Not just weight loss but to strengthen the body?

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Preparing for a Tummy Tuck

Thank you for your question. 

If you are a smoker, you will be asked to stop smoking well in advance of surgery. Aspirin and certain anti-inflammatory drugs can cause increased bleeding, so you should avoid taking these medications for a period of time before surgery. We will ask you to stop some medications, supplements and certain vitamins. A complete list will be provided.

Our doctors perform abdominoplasty as an outpatient procedure. Be sure to arrange for someone to drive you home after surgery and to stay with you for at least the next day or two. When abdominoplasty is performed in conjunction with medically necessary procedures such as hysterectomy or hernia repair, a short hospitalization may be required. Best of Luck!

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Preparation for a tummy tuck procedure

Strengthening your core and really concentrating on toning your abs is the best thing you could do in preparation for a tummy tuck.  A big part of a tummy tuck is the muscle tightening.  Most patients, particularly mothers, need this done.  If your abdominal muscles are in good shape however you may be able to avoid this part of the procedure and your recovery process will be quicker and easier for sure.  Best of luck!

Thomas Taylor, MD
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Preparing your body for a tummy tuck

Being healthy, physically fit and adhering to good nutrition always helps with any surgical procedure.  However in our practice we don't tell patients to specifically change their routine in the short term since we don't see a difference in recovery or results and you don't want your body to go through an abrupt change just prior to surgery.   With respect to weight loss, any body contouring procedures should be performed when you are at your stable target weight since you may see exaggerated changes if you lose weight post operatively.

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Fitness and tummy tuck

Absolutely, a strong core helps after a tummy tuck. Particularly strengthen your rectus abdominis muscles with sit-ups. I don't recommend dieting. You need to have a well balanced diet to heal after surgery.

Susan Kaweski, MD
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Not really

Hello, being fit and healthy is always good when it comes to surgery, but there is no relation between recovery and your actual fit state. There isn't a specific diet you should follow or exercises you could do before the surgery that will have a impact on the outcome. Best wishes

Luis Tactuk Simo, MD
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Preparing physiologically for a tummy tuck.

In anticipation of and abdominoplasty make certain you are in good health, well-nourished, well hydrated and clean.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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