The best way to avoid the "noose-like" sensation following a platysmaplasty?

Hi! How to avoid that "chin strap" feeling after SMAS lift with Submental Platysmaplasty? Is it better to minimally tighten laterally and then concentrate on the submental portion of the neck? I am really afraid of having that scares me more than anything else in regards to a SMAS and neck lift. Please advise!!!!

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Dr. Jeffrey Epstein- Answer

Well, I advise patients that this tight sensation is a reflection of the tightening of the upper neckline muscles. It can be avoided, but of course means less of an elevation/tightening of the platysma. which means a less impressive improvement. You need to discuss this with your surgeon.

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Neck Tightness Concerns

Unfortunately there is no way to completely avoid a tight feeling after a necklift.  It is a necessary step in correcting neck contour.  It usually improves with as the swelling resolves.  It will not compromise your breathing or swallowing.  You may need some assistance in managing your anxiety during your recovery. Best wishes.

George Bitar, MD
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Neck Tightness is normal after Platysmaplasty

The tight feeling is a good sign that you have had a good procedure!  The tightness is actually over your upper neck above your Adam's Apple so you will not have any trouble breathing or choking.  Some of that feeling is really just temporary numbness that makes it "feel" tight.  It definitely WILL relax with time.  Let your doctor explain the procedure and what to expect, then let him do what he is trained to do.

Randy J. Buckspan, MD
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Submental platysmaplasty

This sensation is nothing to be afraid of. What you are most likely concerned about is the sensation of it being tight and restricting breathing. It does not in any way constrict breathing and it is nothing to be worried about. Without it you most likely will be disappointed in your neck although I see no photos not I can be for sure. Approximately 20% of my patients do not need it. However, even in the ones that do, I have never had a patient uncomfortable in any significant manner. I feel you have taken some peoples anecdotal comments and blown them out of proportion to reality. You will be fine and sensation of tightness is not bothersome to such an extent.

Grady B. Core, MD
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"Noose-like" sensation after neck lift is avoidable

Tightness of the neck is desirable in the first week or so after neck lift because the tissues always relax and if you do not feel tight in the beginning your result will be compromised and the neck will re-sag and the platysma bands reappear.

However it is a general feeling of tightness and does not feel like a Noose.There is however a suture method that uses a permanent suspension suture placed from the ear to ear across the neck, often called the Giampappa suture or neck suspension suture which can create thisNoose like feeling.  Ask your surgeon not to use this suture.

The best way to avoid the "noose-like" sensation following a platysmaplasty?

If you do not have visible banding of the platysma, then a SMAS facelift is reasonable. If a great deal of banding is present then the platysmaplasty should be performed at the same time.   Performing both is done routinely and I have not had that complaint.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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