Insulin pump use and abdominal surgery. Any suggestions?

I'm a type 1 diabetic and would like liposuction or a tummy tuck on my abdomen. I've been wearing an insulin pump for the past 19 years in my abdomen. Will either of these procedures interfere with my ability to wear my pump? How long after surgery could I put my pump back in my abdomen? Also have you ever heard of insurance paying for tummy tucks on diabetics due to scar tissue in abdomen from long term pump use causing problems with insulin absorption and pump cannula issues?

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Will my insulin pump interfere with a tummy tuck or lipo?

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You should be able to begin using your #insulin pump the next day with#liposuction of your #abdomen and after the binder comes off and you begin showering after your #tummy tuck which on average is about 10-14 days. We have not tried to bill patients insurance specifically for #scarring #fibrosis with prolonged use of #insulin sump but that would not be unreasonable to have covered.

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Ports, valves, tubes and a tummy tuck... oh my!

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An abdominoplasty can almost always be performed safely if these devices are in place... provided the doctor is well familiar with the devices and how to work around them.  

It helps if a doctor is also board certified in both general surgery and plastic surgery, and they have done many procedures on various prosthetic devices, tubes, drains, valves etc. so they won't be surprised by a cut tube during surgery, not to mention experience in dealing with diabetic patients undergoing major surgery.

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Insulin pump

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Your diabetes could make you more likely to have healing issues or infection if the blood sugar is not well controlled in the post-op period.  You could put the pump into some fat on your trunk where there was no surgery like around the back.  While your abdomen is healing, your surgeon will probably not want you sticking your insulin pump in your abdomen, though there is no data we have so help guide us in that decision.  Insurance is very wary of paying for tummy tucks.  

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