Options for Correcting Sagging Buttocks?

I'm a fairly small-sized woman, but my butt cheeks are saggy. Also, there is a sort of groove or indent on each cheek where the skin is also very dry. Is this from wearing underwear? What can be done to correct these problems?

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What is the best way to treat my sagging buttocks?

Considering the information provided it would seem that A Brazilian Butt Lift would be an appropriate procedure for you. In the course of a Brazilian Butt Lift your fat tissue is rearranged to help recontour the buttock region. The most important question to answer preoperatively however is whether or not you have a sufficient amount of excess fat to accomplish the procedure ineffectively. You have described some irregularities of the buttock region which could be treated with the fat grafting. If you are a marginal candidate for this procedure you could consider gaining 5-10 pounds preoperatively to make sure that you had enough fat for an effective butt lift. It would be best for you to arrange a consultation with a surgeon skilled in all forms of gluteal reshaping.

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Surgical Options for correcting for Sagging Buttocks

Butt Lift Options for best results
There are many option to have a more shapely butt. They include a Brazilian Butt Lift if there is adequate fat available for fat transfer, buttock implants and a butt lift. Fat transferred to the Buttocks is generally called a Brazilian Butt Lift. Some surgeons, including myself harvest fat in particular from the lower back to give it an S shaped contour that defines and sculpts the top of the buttocks giving it the illusion that it is bigger and definitely more shapely before the fat transfer is actually done. Similarly, sometimes fat is taken from the upper back of the thighs to also define the edge of the buttocks while taking care of what many women call the "banana rolls" as well as the "diamond" shape space that is attractive at the highest point of the inside of the thighs when viewed behind. Also the amount of fat that takes is highly technique dependent and experience dependent.
Implants are generally reserved for those that want more fullness but have inadequate fat available for transfer. It is more involved and has a longer recovery. Lastly Butt Lifts generally refer to using "flaps" of redundant soft tissue that are tucked inside the but while tightening up the skin envelope. This requires the longest time for recovery and results in the largest scars which visible.
In other words there are many subtleties that make all the difference between a good result and a great result.  My suggestion is to go to a board certified plastic surgeon with significant experience in these techniques. His exam will determine which course if right for you.
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Options for sagging buttocks.

Hello. Without pictures or examination it is difficult to determain which procedure would be best for you. However, from how you are describing what bothers you an option could be the brazilian butt lift. The “Brazilian Butt Lift,” or gluteal lift/augmentation is a procedure designed to improve the shape and appearance of the gluteal region. This surgery uses a combination of liposuction and fat grafting (i.e. fat injections with the patient’s own fat) to produce a fuller, firmer, more youthful-appearing buttocks. Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in performing this procedure. Best of luck. 

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Fixing Saggy Buttocks

If you feel like the skin of your buttocks is sagging.  There are two potential corrections.  You can either remove the loose skin through a traditional buttocks lift or you can fill the loose skin with volume using either your own fat (brazilian butt lift) or an implant.  Good luck!

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Options for buttocks lift

Your best options for a butt lift are either fat grafts or skin removal.  Skin removal is required if you have severe skin laxity or lack of fat in other areas to donate for fat grafting.

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Fixing saggy butt cheeks

It's difficult to know what procedure might work best for you without seeing photos.  But there certainly are options for you.  Sometimes a lower body lift is done to remove loose skin from the lower back and upper buttocks and lift the buttocks.  If you need more volume, fat grafting (brazilian buttlift) can be done to further lift and enhance the shape.  Also, if you opt for the lower body lift, we can use some of the tissue from the lower back and rotate it into the buttock to give it more shape and lift (an "autologous augmentation").  See a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (NOT a "cosmetic surgeon", as they often are not surgeons at all and aren't fully trained in plastic surgery).

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Multiple options for correcting a sagging butt

Today, patients have multiple options to improve the appearance of their butt. Your best bet is to work with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has a great deal of experience in butt augmentation, Brazilian butt lift, and a variety of butt lift procedures. Your surgeon will first assess the quality of your skin and how much volume is missing. They will be able to determine if your skin envelope can be appropriately with your own tissue. If you only desire to remove the excess skin but do not want to increase the volume, a traditional butt lift may do the trick. Be sure that you review your options and understand the different approaches, the scarring that will occur after each procedure, and different recovery processes.

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Excellent options exist for sagging buttocks

Hi there- There are excellent options available to you for achievement of your desired breast aesthetic, depending on whether you are interested in an improved shape, increased volume, or a bit of both. Obviously, reducing the volume of the area is also an option, through liposuction. I would locate a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area with experience contouring the buttock area and review your options. In most cases these procedures may be performed as an outpatient with a very reasonable recovery period and a high level of patient satisfaction.

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Fixing "sagging butt"

In most cases you describe, a fat graft to these areas can correct most of the defect. This operation takes about 2 hours and requires at least a week off from work.

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