Age 23 - How to Make My Face More Oval Than Square?

I used to have an oval nice face that looked nice and tight all around. My cheekbones stood out beautifully due to this, but just recently my face changed dramatically. Now it looks square shaped, my cheeks look chubby when I smile, and my eyes are sort of droopy- no longer oval and pulled looking. Also, the skin underneath my cheekbones looks loose, making them so chubby looking near my jaw mostly. The skin on my forhead seems like it weighs down my eyes and I look tired all the time now.

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Facial change in shape at 23.

In 35 years of facial plastic surgery, I have never seen this. Without a photo I would be guessing as to the problem and solution. See an experienced facial surgeon for the answer.

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Face shape

Unless you have a specific genetic tendancy to these changes, you first must ask if your weight has changed in recent months to years.  A photo would have been very helpful here.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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Aging process at 23


Although signs of aging occur at different times and at different rates in different individuals, this is a curious scenario in a 23 year old. You might want to start with your primary care physician/gynecologist for a medical evaluation. Perhaps you have a metabolic/thyroid problem or even a genetic premature aging syndrome that could account for advanced signs of aging at 23. Good luck!

Kenneth R. Francis, MD, FACS
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