What Are Options for an Adult with a Small Jaw to Improve Profile and Bite?

When I was 25 yrs old, I went to an orthodontist to ask for treatment options for what I thought was an overbite. He said that my top teeth are straight but that my lower jaw is to small. He also pointed out that I have both mandibular and palatal tori but didn't mention how this might effect treatment. What are options to improve my facial profile, improve my bite, reduce jaw pain from having a poor bite, and not break the bank?

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Short jaw

First, you probably need special x-rays of your face to performn cephalometrics.  This is a way for the surgeon to evalutate the proportions of your face. You  may need a chin advancement in combination with a jaw advancement using  a sagittal split osteotomy. 

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Overbite and options for correction of a small jaw (micrognathia)

Unfortunately most options are costly but may be partially covered by some insurance plans. Your best choice for long term correction is likely to be either a Sagittal Split Osteotomy with Mandibular advancement or Distraction Osteogenesis. I know that sounds like a bunch of gobbledy gook so I would go to a qualified oral surgeon to discuss your options.

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