Best Option for Out-of-place Canine Tooth?

I'm a 21 yr old female who's had braces (and biteplate, spacers, and headgear). See picture. Mostly my teeth are straight, but with a protruding canine. This tooth previously required surgery to force descent. Here’s the rub: I play flute/picc professionally, so I have to have something removable (or tiny), or I may lose my job. I hear Invisalign may not work so well for this; yes/no/other options?

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Invisalign can do it!

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Is it possible for Invisalign to fix that canine... YES! Like Dr. Barnett stated, you will need an auxillary to assist in extruding this tooth. Such as, an attachment and possibly some rubber bands. Fixed appliances will acheive results faster. Neither appliance will inhibit your ability to play a wind instruement, so the option is really up to you, just remember to go to a highly skilled orthdontist for your invisalign.

New York Orthodontist

Best Option for Out-of-place Canine Tooth?

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It looks as though you have what is known as a deep bite.  The lower teeth probable bite on the back surface of the upper right canine, forcing it out of line.  I would rather use fixed appliances in your case, but if you insist on removable appliances, I would use Invisalign.  

Invisalign will work, but make sure your orthodontist is highly skilled in using Invisaline as your case can be a little tricky.

Thomas Braun, DMD
Fairfield Orthodontist

Invisalign NOT good for Pulling a tooth down

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You have gotten good info, Invisalign is not great at extruding teeth.  It is possible but some auxiliary things may be needed like an elastic rubber band on top of the aligner.

To the most important point however, playing a musical instrument (even with the mouth) should not be effected by braces or Invisalign.  There is always an adjustment period but given 2-3 days, you should be back to normal.    

Good luck!

Todd Barnett, DMD
Akron Orthodontist

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