What's the Average Amount of Time an Adult Has to Wear Braces to Fix Their Crooked Teeth?

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Average treatment time

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The time required to correct any particular orthodontic problem varies with the severity of the problem.  Average treatment time is about  24 months, but this can be misleading because your treatment time may be as little as 6 months to as much as 3 years.   Every patient wants their treatment to be completed quickly (and so does every orthodontist!).  Recently several appliance systems have claimed to treat patients faster, and of course this would be a welcome development.  Unfortunately there are no peer reviewed studies which support these claims.  Your best approach to getting good information about your case is to see an orthodontist for a consultation about your case.

Seattle Orthodontist

Length of time with braces

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Treatment time can vary from 6 months to 2 or three years.  An orthodontist must examine you first to give you a time estimate.

Thomas Braun, DMD
Fairfield Orthodontist

Length of Orthodontic Treatment

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The length of time spent in braces varies considerably depending on the severity of the Case. Some cases take as little as 6 months while others can take 2 years. The American Association of Orthodontist studies show a national average treatment time of 27 months. In my practice I use Suresmile treatment which combines digital orthodontics and robotics to create more accurate results much faster and our treatment times average 16 months.

Samie A. Thabet, DMD, MSD
Germantown Orthodontist

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Average time in braces

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I've done some cases in a few months and some have taken years.  It really just depends on the complexity of treatment.  That said, adult treatment often is shorter than children because we do not try to correct skeletal problem (the patient is not growing) and the patients tend to be more cooperative

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

The severity of the problem isn the key to the answer!

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The length to time in treatment , whether it was an adult or child, would be a direct corralate of how much movment that needs to take place to satisfy your treatment goals.

R. Scott Smith, DMD
Springfield Orthodontist

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