Apicoectomy Stitches Left a Flap Of Gum

I had an apicoectomy 2 weeks ago and the endodontist put soluble stitches. I brushed my teeth gently but my front stitches have gone and I noticed the little flap of gum between the teeth has retracted a little leaving the layer underneath exposed. Should I go back to the doctor for more stiches to help the gum stay in place or will it go in place after it has healed? It is not painful.

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Stitches do not need to be replaced

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If the sutures have resorbed they have done their job at the two week point for an apicoectomy. The gum tissue will settle in and within a few more weeks it should appear normal. Just keep the area clean. Without a photo it is difficult to discuss your particular case, but from what you describe it should be fine. You should still have the endodontist look at it to make sure

Phoenix Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

How Long Should Sutures Last After Dental Surgery?

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Resorbable sutures usually last for approximately 7-10 days.  If your sutures were in for two weeks the tissue should be healing just fine.  Remember, it can take soft tissue 4-6 weeks to heal completely from certain types of surgeries. For peace of mind you may want to call your endodontist and ask if they would like to see you for a quick post op visit.  Good luck.  

Gums, Surgery and Healing

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At two weeks your gum has healed enough to not need stitches again.  You will find that flap of gum will slowly meld into place.  Gums between the teeth can take up to a year to be fully filled in as that specific tissue grows back very slowly.  What you can do to help is to keep the area clean with gentle flossing along the tooth surface and then gentle, warm water brushing with a super soft (yes they make super soft) tooth brush brushing the gums in the direction you want them to fill in.  So if you want your gum to heal over the exposed area, then brush the gum in that direction.  

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Resorbable stiches won't need additional attention

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Resorbable stiches won't need additional attention, however, at the least you should call your doctor's office and inform them . It never hurts to have an extra post op check appointment.I offer as many visits as my patients need in order to prevent any unforeseen issues. 

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
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Resorbable sutures after apicoectomy

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Usually the resorbable sutures are left after apicoectomy to fixate the flap in place. These sutures resorb within 7-10 days. If there is a small piece of gum that is not completely attached it won`t require additional sutures. Just give it a couple of more days to heal. 

Apicoectomy and gum recession post operatively

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Wait two months for complete healing of the gums. It is normal to have a less than perfect gumline after this procedure. The goal was to rid the tooth of it's infection to save it. Cosmetic periodontal and restortive work can be used to correct the defects to your liking after the healing period is over. 


Mitchell A. Josephs, DDS
Palm Beach Dentist

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