Any Opinions on Using Urea As a TCA Post Peel Healing Aid?

Any opinions on using urea for Post Peel healing aid?

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Urea in post-peeling care

Urea, the major constituent of urine, is used in a variety of applications. (90% of all urea is used for cattle fertilizers while the rest is used to produce explosives, urea-formaldehyde (UF) resins (used in adhesives for paper, board, plywood, surface coatings molding resins and textile processing and to coat textiles, paper and leather), and the manufacture of polyurethanes, pharmaceuticals (ear wax softeners, diuretics, fertility drugs, estrogen supplements and wound or burn ointments), flame-proofing agents, sulphamic acid and fabric softeners.

Urea and its synthetic version, Carbamide, are commonly used in a variety of cosmetics such as moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, hair removers (Nair),deodorants, toothpastes, foundations and hand cream.

Although it has skin hydrating and antibacterial properties, urea may not be the best agent to use on sensitive, irritated, red or infected skin where it can cause stinging.

With so many other products on the market, I would use another product until your peeled skin is healed.

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