Pump & dump if breastfeeding?

I know the question has beenasked regarding areastfeeding & sclerotherapy and recommendations seem to be wait or wean... Would feeding previously expressed milk (& mom pumping & dumping) be an option? If so, for how long? I am currently breastfeeding my 14 mo old but am desperate for the procedure... torn bc I prefer not to wean if there is any way around it... Thanks for your time!

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Sclerotherapy and breastfeeding

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Most patients store breast milk for 3-4 day period and then get sclerotherapy. The stored breast milk is used in the 3-4 days that follow sclerotherapy. Unfortunately, most don't want to wait 8-9 months until breastfeeding is terminated. 

Pump and dump in order to get sclerotherapy

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Personally, I won't treat a woman who is breastfeeding. The issue would be that the sclerosing solution isn't just in your system for a tiny bit. It will be there for at least several days breaking down the veins, so doing one round of "pump and dump" won't work. Please wait until you are finished breastfeeding for any cosmetic procedures.

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I would wait.

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I would be very reluctant to do sclerotherapy on a breastfeeding mom. There are no studies to prove one way or the other that the sclerotherapy solution will not ultimately be passed on to the baby. Sclerotherapy is an elective non emergent procedure and I would not recommend taking a risk. One cycle of pump and dump may not be enough. When you are finished with breast feeding then you can proceed to sclerotherapy. Also, after breast feeding, with the hormonal changes, the appearance and quantity of your veins may change.

John Landi, MD
Naples General Surgeon

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