How Do Dental Veneers Get Replaced?

Do dental veneers have a certain "shelf life"? What does it take to get replacements? Is the procedure lengthy, require specialists in revision, more expensive? The more detail the better! Thank You.

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Change of veneers

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Dental veneers are great treatment modality in the aesthetic area of the mouth. They also usually last for a long time if made right. But in case if you feel that you need to change it first of all I would recommend to consult with your dental specialist about it and see if this treatment modality is still good for you or you need something else, like full coverage of the tooth. The procedure of replacing the veneer itself is not very difficult, it involves removal of remaining veneer structure, possible recon-touring of the tooth surface, new impression and fabrication of provisional veneer for the time that will take the lab to fabricate your new veneer. The last step of the treatment would be bonding of your new veneer.

Cleveland Dentist

Veneer Shelf Life

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Unlike composite or plastic veneers which tend to loose their sheen, change color or end up with defective margins after several years, porcelain veneers can last a lifetime.  As with any dental restoration, periodic maintenance is required.  Since the porcelain itself will not change color, a good professional polishing can remove stains and restore luster.  Periodic visits to your hygienist to remove plaque and bacterial buildup and maintain the health of the gums and teeth abutting the porcelain will prevent decay from occurring at the margins.

Veneers are replaced when decay occurs around them, they fracture or if the patient wants a change of tooth shade.  In each case the veneer must be ground off the surface of the tooth, a layer of tooth removed to eliminate the tooth surface embedded with adhesive and new veneers fabricated.  The process of removing the old veneer is similar to the original procedure to prepare the tooth but may be more time consuming because of the care needed to carefully remove the veneer while minimizing collateral damage to the remaining tooth.  Depending on how long ago the original veneers were placed, you may see increased expense since all costs go up over time.

Any skilled, experienced and well trained dentist can redo veneers.  Look for someone who is up to date with recent materials and methods.  Technology in dentistry is constantly changing  quickly and dramatically.

Marc Zive, DMD
Springfield Dentist

They are removed using diamonds and our handpieces.

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Basically they are drilled off back down to the original tooth structure. We need to do this to remove any loose or decared tooth structure. Once they are removed then we reprep the teeth to design the new veneers. After that we take new impressions ,pick the shape and shade,take photo's etc. I usually then place temp veneers that are similar in shape to the new ones. The lab then makes the new veneers which usually takes about a week...

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

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Why do dental veneers need to be replaced?

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You need to first quantify and qualify why veneers need to be replaced here are some reasons and some solutions. 1-desired results not achieved: this will probably be the hardest to repair. Depending on what modality of treatment you received to have your veneers placed will depend on how hard it is to correct. If your previous dentist was very aggressive when theynplaced your veneers rejuvenating your smile may be harder but possible with the right doctor.Tip: make sure your cosmetic dentist is qualified to do your smile. Red flag: if he or she recommends only 6 veneers or even 1. That shows the dentist has not training in smile design. Magic numbers with veneers are 4,8,10 per jaw. Depending on your smile. 2- colour desire has changed over time: depending on how long ago you got veneers bright white is in and may not have been years ago. In that case a laser can be used to remove your veneers quite easily and replace them with new ones. 3-decay around your veneers: that shows lack of care for your teeth and may require extensive treatment to redo 4- fracture : if all you did was fracture your veneer other than trying to match that one veneer to the existing ones shouldn't be too hard. Tip: when you have your veneers done always ask for the final shade chosen and the type of porcelain used so that matching wont be as hard if the above occurs Hope this helps

Veneers can be Changed

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Veneers can be replaced.  There are many reasons why you might want them redone.

The actual procedure is similar to when you first had veneers done but the second time you are usually looking to make a color change or to  fix the margins, where veneers can break down.  Any 'cosmetic' dentist is fine but check out your sources and talk to the dentist of your choice- make sure they know what they are doing.   

If you just want one veneer replaced, that is fine, but it can be a difficult procedure because of matching the remainder veneers.   Try to repair a chipped veneer if possible.  If not, interview and find the right dentist who has an eye for esthetics.

Maintain your veneers with regular cleaning visits and use a whitening toothpaste like Supersmile or Starbrite to keep stain away.  Much success and FUN-

Wendy S. Spektor, DDS
Bellevue Dentist


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Just Like your natural teeth veneers can last a life time. It's really important for you to visit your dentist every 3 to 4 months to maintain. The process of replacing veneers is pretty much the same as when you first got them, an experienced cosmetic dentist is usually conservative in removing any veneer that needs to be replaced then dentist shapes teeth, takes impressions  & a shade is established. As far as the fee it really depends on how long you've had the veneers prices & material do change so don't expect to pay the same as when you first got them. 

Lawrence Gilbert, DDS
Woodbury Dentist

Veneer replacement is similar to initial placement

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While everything wears out eventually, it normally takes a very long time. When that day comes, it normally is just one or two that needs upgrading and not the whole smile. The process is like when they were first installed, shaping the tooth, taking an impression, making a provisional, bonding the final in place... Most dentists can do this, but experienced cosmetic dentists are normally more conservative and able to match colors better. The fee will not be much different than before, adjusting for inflation of course...!

How do Dental Porcelain Veneers Get Replaced?

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First, the good news is that your porcelain veneers won't just "expire". They can last decades. Typically if something wears out, most commonly it's one veneer, not the whole set.

It may be necessary to replace veneers for a few main reasons:

  • A cavity forms around the edge where the veneer meets the tooth
  • The bonding adhesive is exposed and deteriorates, causing a veneer to "pop off"
  • Trauma or an injury breaks a large piece of the porcelain off

The replacement procedure doesn't have to be lengthy. If its just one veneer with an issue, that's fairly straightforward. In that situation where you are matching only one front tooth, you will wait to choose an experienced cosmetic dentist, because his communication and choice of a dental lab makes all the difference.

The cost isn't necessarily more expensive in and of itself, like the cost of everything else in life, the cost of cosmetic dentistry typically goes up over time. If it's ten years later, the cost will be significantly higher than the original cost.

Don't be afraid to get veneers because you are worried about having to replace them later. I have seen patient's lives changed because of their new smile, don't underestimate the power of a beautiful, confident smile. Also, I have seen my patients who have cosmetic dentistry become great at caring for their teeth. This makes everything last longer.

Veneers can last a long time. If you need maintenance, it can be managed easily by an experienced cosmetic dentist. Thanks for your question, Dr. Scott Greenhalgh, DDS

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