The risks of SMP micropigmentation Ink on the body and its side effects on FUE transplanted hairs?

If I would do SMP micro pigmentation first, how many weeks or months do I have to wait before I can undergo a 2nd FUE hair transplant? Would SMP effect the results of the transplanted hairs, slow growth rate perhaps? How safe is permanent SMP Scalp micro pigmentation? Are there any long term risks from the pigmented Ink used that could cause DNA damage, toxins and chemicals absorbed into the body? When the pigmented Ink fades, where does it go, does the body absorb it, expel it? Thank you

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It may be a better option to have your hair transplant first so that can see what your density will be prior to having the shading from the micropigmentation on teh scalp.  Just a thought. The ink is placed very superficial and over time your immune cells, specifically pac-man like cells called macrophages, will eat the pigment and break it down.  If you have older tattoos that are starting to fade out and become blurry, that gives an indication how your body will respond to the pigment.  

The follicles of the hairs are anchored deep so the pigment won't affect the hairs' growth rate or thickness in the area.  

There is no harm with this process unless there are chemicals or metals that you are allergic to.  Some people are allergic to a chemical that makes red ink.  Red may be a component of brown ink.  These are things to talk to your SMP specialist about.  I am a dermatologist and specialize in hair loss conditions-diagnosing and managing all hair conditions-whether they are reversible or not.

Hope this helps.  

Nikki D. Hill, MD

Tucker Dermatologic Surgeon

Ask your doctor

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Each doctor is different and have different requirements.  You can have SMP after your FUE area has healed.  This can be several weeks to months.  SMP will not damage hair follicles.

The risk of SMP is same as the risk of any tattoo.  Any foreign substance deposited into your body can be a potential cause for infection or even cancer.  

When the ink fades, your body's immune system is taking it away and and expelling it. 

Jae Pak, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Risks of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

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The depth penetration of the inks are very superficial and not as deep as the hair follicles, so the impact of the SMP on hair transplants is negligible in good hands. Many different people use many different types of inks (pigments) some of which contain heavy metals such as mercury or arsenic. You have to be sure that the pigments you are going to be getting are all organic an do not have toxic metals in them. Many people buy the pigments from China or use India Inks and these often have heavy metals in them. See our discussions in our web-site below:

William Rassman, MD
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These are very interesting questions.  A pubmed NIH search doesnt show anthing that would directly answer this but in general scalp trauma should be avoided after an fue procedure for at least a month, or until the hairs start to grow. 

Rashid M. Rashid, PhD, MD
Houston Dermatologist

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