How many syringes equals 1 vial of sculptra and how long does the treatment take for one vial injection?

Hello. I was wondering, how many syringes equals 1 vial of sculptra and how long does the treatment take for one vial injection?

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One vial of Sculptra vs a syringe of HA filler

The vial of Sculptra is equivalent to about 4 syringes of an HA filler. The duration is also significantly longer, 2-3 years vs 12 months. It becomes a very cost effective method to fill a poorly volumized person. I believe the improvement with Sculptra lasts longer than the 2 years touted by the company. 2 years is when the study was stopped. Newly created collagen lasts for 7 years. However, the aging process continues and the fill needs touching up every 12-18 months. 

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Sculptra vials

Hi Green Tea,

At my practice in NYC and Ohio we get 9 syringes of product from one vial of Sculptra. The treatment takes about 30 minutes plus about 30 minutes for our numbing cream to work. Most clients get 2 vials per treatment and do the treatment 2-3 times, spaced about 6 weeks apart. We price it at $699 a vial. In terms of product per $, it is a great value compared to say Voluma, but achieves a different purpose. If you have a skinny face, Sculptra may be a good option. Hard to say without seeing your pictures or seeing you in person.

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Sculptra and Results

Sculptra is an excellent long lasting product after receiving full correction.  There are usually three (3cc) syringes of Sculptra for one vial of Sculptra. This amount is also dependent on how it was diluted.  It is an art and the time takes depending on the technique is done.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

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Sculptra Requires Multiple Vials

It's hard to equate vials of sculptra to syringes.  Sculptra is a powder which is mixed with sterile water to give a solution which is then injected.  The number of vials required depends on the age and the volume correction required. Each vial typically has anywhere from 7 ml to 10 ml of solution depending on the preference of the physician.  In general, there is less likelihood of nodule formation with more dilute solutions.  Sculptra is at least pre mixed 24 hours prior to injection, and I prefer to mix it one week before injection as Sculptra dissolved better in solution the longer you leave it.

Most clients require anywhere from 2 to 6 vials of sculptra and usually no more than 2 vials of Sculptra are injected at a time.  Injections are performed 4 to 6 weeks apart.  It is great for pan facial rejuvenation.  Results are usually noticeable after the second round of injections. it is important to massage the area to ensure the product is dispersed and does not result in nodule formation

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How many syringes for 1 vial of Sculptra and how long does injection take?

The amount of fluid added to a Sculptra vial can vary by physician and the size of the syringe used can vary as well.  So, there are potentially different answers as to how many syringes equal 1 vial of Sculptra.  I would say the range would be between 1-5 syringes (or more) per vial.  The treatment time to inject one vial will vary by physician as well and is also dependent on how many areas of the face are being treated, but it could take as little as 10 minutes to inject one vial.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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