Number 8 of my Invisalign Brace Wont Fit but Number 7 Does is This Normal?

brace number 7 was checked by my dentist two wks ago and now number 8 wont fit

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Dr. Gerry's: TOP 5 Tips For Getting Invisalign aligner trays to fit properly

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1. Have your dentist first determine the easiest path of insertion for aligners at the beginning of your treatment. Depending on which teeth have the most alignment problems (e.g., crowding, rotation, etc.), the trays may be easier to insert on the right side, left or center of the arch first.

2. Use the Invisalign Aligner Chewie rolls (you can get them on line). "Chewies" are a soft spongy-like plastic roll that looks like a cotton roll. They are reusable and are helpful with the "settling in" of a new aligner tray.

3. Change your aligner trays at night before bed. This allows an uninterrupted period for the aligners to settle in, making them easier to get in and out during the next day.

4. Place the aligner tray in and out in front of a mirror at first to allow you to visualize the proper insertion and removal, especially when fitting the aligners over malposition teeth that may "stick out or stick in" the arch.

5. Never use too much force or "bite" the aligners into place as this can "crimp" an edge or damage the aligner tray, thus preventing it from fitting.

Above all if you are experiencing difficulty, please call your dentist and return for his assistance.

Invisalign #7 Fits, but #8 Does Not Fit

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If #7 fit and was checked by the dentist, and you wore #7 for at least 2 weeks 22/7, then #8 should fit. It might be very tight and hard to insert at first, but that is normal. If you cannot get it to seat on your teeth, you must continue to wear #7 and see your dentist as soon as possible to see what the problem with #8 is.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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