Can You Explain How Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox Achieved Their Faces? (Photos)

What kind of procedures did Kim Kardashian do to her face to achieve the new eye shape,tighter lips, lowered eyebrow and wrinkle free face? Also what did Megan Fox do to her eyes, they did also change in shape as Kim Kardashians.

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It is often a fool's task to sort out from these types of photo's what someone may have had done.

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It both sets of photos the so called before and after images are taken years apart.  Both women appear to have had relative subtle nasal tip surgery and possibly alar cartilage trims.  They both look like that have been blasted with Botox to the forehead (an inauthentic treatment effect that you should not try to emulate).  Both look like they have had periocular fillers.  In the first set of Megan Fox pictures, she appears to be at least 10 pounds heavier than in the so-called before picture.  Finally, these are individuals who have creative control over many of their images published for promotional purposes.  This means that someone on their staff either directly manipulated their photos in photoshop or approved the altered image prior to publication.  So don't assume your results will be the same. 

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Celebrity Plastic Surgery

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It is undoubtedly very tempting to compare your looks to those of celebrities in the media, but please be aware that these photos are often greatly retouched and refined. Comparing yourself to actresses, models, and celebrity personalities like Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox can give you unrealistic expectations of your self-image that are both inaccurate and unfair. A reputable doctor will work with you to tailor your potential cosmetic procedures to you, keeping in mind your preferences while working within a feasible range of treatment, and will remind you that such celebrities have had countless procedures to maintain such a look. To get the best results and to ensure your greatest satisfaction, try to avoid comparing yourself to these celebrities and instead focus solely on improving yourself.

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How Did Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox Achieve Their Facial Metamorphous?

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Hi Anon,

Kim Kardashian has had Botox, facial fillers, a recently publicized derma pen plus "Vampire Lift", a rhinoplasty or two, plucked eyebrows, make up, and air-brushing.  Megan Fox also has had a rhinoplasty, facial fillers, Botox, make-up, and air-brushing.  It looks like volume has been added around the eyes.  

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Before rendering a professional opinion on the changes that seemed to have occurred in both Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox in the above photos, I am compelled to preface any remarks by stating that the assessment is hampered by the fact that I am only making these opinions based on what I can see in non-standardized pictures where lighting, background, and quality are very different, as well as the subject's makeup and hairstyles.  In fact, I believe that many of the changes that you see between the, "so called", before and afters, is in fact due to the very different amounts of makeup they are waring in the pictures. Other than Megan Fox, possibly having her nose surgically narrowed, I am finding it difficult to see any changes that are related to surgery. I do believe that it is very likely that they have both had nonsurgical enhancements, like Botox and filler injections. Both Kim and Megans' cheeks look fuller and they have different eyebrow shapes. This can be attributed to these types of treatments but could also be as simple as reshaping by plucking. I am also certain that both women take good care of their skin with facials, peels and the like. 

Celebrity Facial Changes - Kim Kardashian & Megan Fox

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Thank  you for your question. No one will ever really know for sure besides the patient and her doctor. What we can assume is they both received Botox, Filler and facial treatments. Makeup, airbrush and photoshop may also be a factor here. Everyone's facial anatomy is different which in turn needs to be assessed by a board certified plastic surgeon. Your doctor will determine what options are best for you to provide your desired results. Best of Luck to you.

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