Can minoxidil cause erectile dysfunction, low libido or any other sexual side effects..?

I started using minoxidil 3 weeks ago and have experienced some loss in libido and also not having morning erections anymore. After having this problem I searched on internet and read many forums discussing about similar side effects from minoxidil. I need to request you if there are some specialist who can educate me about this. 

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Minoxidil and ED

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They say any drug can cause just about any side effect; however, there are no scientific studies to support an association between minoxidil and sexual dysfunction. There have even been isolated reports that spraying minoxidil on the penis can *improve* erections, but I wouldn't put much stock in that, either. The problem with chat rooms and "Internet forums" is that you can count on people making claims about pretty much anything, but these claims have no scientific validity. I would recommend seeing a urologist who specializes in treating male sexual dysfunction--and if he or she says I have misinformed you, please let me know.Thanks for your question--hope this was helpful.Dr. Ballon 

Atlanta Hair Restoration Surgeon

Sexual side effects

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Minoxidil does not have sexual side effects listed as one of the common side effects. However, it is possibility if you can link the start of your symptoms to the start of the medication. You can stop the medication for a month, and see if the symptoms go away.    If it does, nost likely can be a side effects for you. If you restart again in a month, and the symptoms return,  then most definite it is a side effects for you, even though it is not a common side effect for most. 

Erik Suh, MD
Bellevue Family Physician

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