How long after breast implant surgery should I wait to have fat grafting done?

I had saline implants removed and replaced with silicone, under the muscle. Cleavage ripples and rippling along top were immediately noticeable. Three weeks ago, my PS revised implant pocket, hoping to alleviate rippling. It helped with cleavage but not along top. How long should I wait to try fat grafting or is this a viable solution?

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Fat Grafting

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I would wait a full 3 months to ensure that the rippling is a long term issue. At that time you may consider fat grafting if it is still a problem.  Frequently, as the scar capsule matures around the new implant is helps to support it, minimizing traction rippling.
Best of luck!

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Fat Grafting Following Breast Augmentation

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The time between having electoral #cosmetic surgery after a major surgery depends on the surgery. Its best to consult with the surgeon or specialist you recently had the major surgery with to gain perspective as to when cosmetic surgery can be scheduled.

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Fat Grafts After Breast Implants

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Fat grafts are a potential solution to problems related to thin soft tissues over breast implants. Since you are very early in the recovery phase, your surgeon will want to wait a few months before making a decision about whether fat grafts or other revisions would be helpful. 

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Fat grafting after augmentation

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I'm sorry the exchange of saline to silicone and the placement to under the muscle didn't resolve your rippling. I would not rush into fat transfer until you have had a chance to heal up a bit first because the exact placement and amount may be different in a few months compared to just a few weeks after surgery. Because fat injections may need to be repeated to get enough fullness I suppose doing the first around 3 months is reasonable, with a second 3-6 months later. If your surgeon prefers to wait longer that is I would support their recommendations. Typically this can be done under local with minimal downtime. 

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How long after breast implant surgery should I wait to have fat grafting done?

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Thank you for your question. Sorry to hear you are still having problems. There are multiple methods that can be used to conceal implant rippling and replacing saline with silicone implants and revising the pocket is a good first step. Unfortunately, it sounds like this has not helped to correct the problem, which leads me to believe that you are a very thin soft tissue covering over the implants.

In that case, you may need revision of the pocket with placement of ADM to disguise the implant, and also possibly fat grafting to the area to augment the soft tissue envelope. These are things that could have been done at the time of the revision if needed, but perhaps they were not felt necessary at the time.

If you are interested in pursuing fat grafting as a solution, I would advise that you see a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in breast fat grafting to be evaluated and discuss that option. I would say that depending on your exam and the situation, as well as your healing, I would estimate about 3-6 months of healing time from your last surgery before considering another revision procedure. 

Best of luck!

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