Severe Burning/Pain Under Skin 1 Year After Tumescent Lipo?

Is this normal?

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Chronic pain after liposuction is rarely reported

Your symptom is not common after liposuction. If it is focal, in one area of the body, it may mean something differently than if it is widespread. If it is widespread, please see your doctor as this should be evaluated. If it is one limited area, it may be a neuralgia where the nerve got irritated and instead of healing, it continues to provide painful stimuli. There may be treatment that can help you feel more comfortable and if the surgeon can't help, then maybe a neurologist can.

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Pain after liposuction

Chronic pain after liposuction is extremely rare, but does occure in some patients. It is very simmilar to reflex sympathetic dystrophy patients.

consult your surgeon and pain management specialist. There are some new meds that can help.

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Tumescent Lipo

Tumescent lipo is the injecting of fluid into an area prior to removal.  The injected fluid is now firm and rigid, like one solid mass.  This helps to break apart the fat, and contains numbing solution so anesthetic concerns are addressed, and the tissue is now ready for lipo.  Injecting fluid just below the point of rigidity is “super wet” technique, and arguments for both types of fluid infiltration.

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