6 Weeks Post Op and Little to No Results from Tumescent Liposuction

I am frustrated I was a prime candidate for tumescent Lipo. I went to the father of tumescent lipo Dr. Klein himself... I am 5'3" and weighed 128 pre op. I weigh the same now. I had the procedure on my abs and flanks. My measurements are the same or down by maybe a 1/2". My jeans do NOT fit! It is INSANE! How is this possible if he took 3 lbs of fat out of my body.... I still have a pooch, and still have fat rolls (or muffin top) WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON!!??

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Time is on your side

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You traded away fat cells in exchange for temporary water and swelling.

Some areas of the body move along faster than others, and some tumescent techniques seem to facilitate quicker resolution too.

Six weeks is not close to your end point, no matter what technique was used. You will probably start to see those inches and pounds disappear in the next few weeks.  Don't despair. You are about to see the payoff!

We often suggest waiting at least four months before shopping for new clothes, because you will continue to "shrink" during that time.

South Bend Facial Plastic Surgeon

Too early to judge outcome

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At six weeks it is so early after the surgery that what you are describing is normal.  It takes 6 months to see the final results.

Healing May Take Up To 4 Months Following Liposuction

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                  It’s not unusual for patients to have significant swelling following tumescent liposuction.  When patients have severe swelling following this procedure, it can be difficult to see the benefits of liposuction.  In many cases, patients actually look worse immediately following the procedure for this reason.

                  This swelling occurs for a variety of reasons including disruption of the lymphatic drainage and cellular injury in treated areas.  In addition the body’s response to any type of injury is to retain fluid.  This often results in significant weight gain in the immediate post-operative period.

                  The majority of post-operative swelling resolves in 3 to 4 weeks, but it’s not unusual for swelling to persist 3 to 4 months in some cases.  Compression garments, low salt diets, exercise and massage can facilitate resolution of swelling.

                  It’s important to be patient and have good communication with your surgeon.  Hopefully your surgeon can reassure you and formulate a plan that will help minimize your swelling.


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You are likely still swollen from the procedure and if 3lbs of fat were removed, you will see the positive benefit in time.  You need 6-8 weeks to see some improvement, and eventually 6-8 months.  Dr. Klein is very good at what he does and you should be satisfied after all is healed. Thank you for your question and good luck with everything.

Vivek Bansal, MD
Danville Plastic Surgeon
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Swelling after liposuction

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There are 2 points that need to be made.  First you are very early after your liposuction and there is still quite a bit of swelling.  Second, based on your pictures, you have some separation of your rectus abdominis muscle that is referred to as DIASTASIS RECTI.  Liposuction can not fix your muscles, you may need to have your muscles tighten in the future to fix your "pooch".      

David Finkle, MD
Omaha Plastic Surgeon
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No results after tumescent liposuction

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In the early stages of healing after liposuction, swelling takes hold and the area will behave as any bruise and will hold fluids until the inflammation subsides. Liposuction results take time and typically it will be three months until good results begin to show. The worst thing you can do is step on a scale the first weeks after as the fluid weight is sure to discourage you. Be patient and good results will come.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction Recovery And Results Is An Evolving Process That Takes Months

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While it does take more than 6 weeks to see a final liposuction result, seeing no difference at all at this point is not optimistic for a satisfactory outcome. Usually some reduction is seen either immediately or in the first few weeks after surgery even if total swelling elimination takes much longer. Snce there is nothing to be done at this early point, I would wait until 3 months after the procedure and then return for a follow-up visit to discuss your concerns if they persist.

No results 6 weeks after liposuction

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It is reasonable to be concerned but you may want to give it more time. Depending on liposuction technique and swelling, it takes up to 3-6 months to see results. Discuss this with Dr Klein at your next visit.

Karol A. Gutowski, MD, FACS
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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