Is it normal to be in pain this long after having crown prep & placement?

My dentist had me wait over 2 months to place the permanent as he wanted my pain to subside/tooth to heal after being in pain after 1st crown prep. He put my permanent in just as I was beginning to feel normal again (although I still couldn't chew on that side) & the day after everything felt better, but following that day, my pain is worse coupled with an extreme sensitivity to cold. Does the tooth just need time? Ibuprofen makes things tolerable, but I'm tired of the pain.

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Is it normal to be in pain this long after having crown prep & placeme

At this stage I would highly recommend you see an endodontist (root canal specialist) to evaluate your tooth pain. Sensitivity or very slight pain over a couple months during a "healing phase" isn't that uncommon, but you shouldn't have to live with real pain for that long. The endodontist will test the tooth to determine if the nerve is dead (a dead tooth nerve will cause pain and may eventually abscess), or irreversibly damaged, or just irritated with the potential to heal up, or cracked (fractured). The first two can usually be treated with root canals, the third is a "watch and wait" game, or if you can no longer tolerate waiting, you could go ahead with a root canal which should end your pain. The fourth...that's the worst case scenario, as a fractured tooth oftentimes cannot be treated and will cause long term pain, especially to biting. Often called cracked tooth syndrome (or CTS), the crack may extend into the nerve fibers or down the root into the nerves in the bone and around the roots. Fractured teeth can sometimes be saved, but often times will necessitate removal (tooth extraction).

One thing that is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT is to make sure your dentist has adjusted your bite so that it is not hitting higher on your new crown was placed. That alone can cause a lot of pain.

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Pain After Crown Prep and Placement

If the prep was close to your nerve, it is very possible for the nerve to be hypersensitive for a few weeks. It might be a "reversible pulpitis" which will heal itself, or it might be an "irreversible pulpitis" which might require Root Canal treatment. Have your dentist make sure that your occlusion (bite) is perfect, because if you are putting excess pressure on that tooth in any of your jaw movements while awake & especially while asleep, the tooth will remain uncomfortable.

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Is it normal to be in pain this long after having crown prep & placement?

Wait for a little while longer. If the pain gets better each day then you are on the right path. If the pain level persists, you may need a root canal.

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Dental crown

making a crown its a enamel removal, so dentin its exposed, and so sensitivity could be bigger,the more time the doctors wait for setting the final restoration,this can make a more higher hyper sensibility,antinflamatories, high primary bite points ,and sealing ,time ,can be issues to be focus on, also if there was a previous restoration,that tooth, might have a root canal treatment ,which is a simple step to make that hyper sensitivity to be removed complete.

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