Is it normal to have a lot of pain, 3 days after a root canal?

Root canal procedure was done in two visits, through an existing crown. After the procedure, I was told the crown could not be saved. I had very little discomfort. Ten days I went back to finish the root canal on Friday am, it is now Sunday pm. I am experiencing a lot of discomfort. The pain followed the jawline, and now it's a dull ache. Should the crown have been removed first.

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Pain after root canal

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The most amount of discomfort or pain occurs 2-3 days after the procedure is completed. You should probably start feeling better by the 3rd or forth day but call your dentist and let him know if not.

Mississauga Dentist

Crown needing to be redone and pain after root canal treatment was done

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If you are still having pain after having your root canal done three days ago, you definitely should return to have it checked. He may place you on antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medications to expedite the tooth and bone around the root canaled tooth to calm down.

Whether the crown needs to be redone depends a lot on how much of the crown was drilled on to do the root canal or if there was a lot of decay or filling under the crown that decreased the retentive ability of the crown and the ability to place a substantial core in the crown of the tooth. What did you dentist say? Why did he say that it needed a new crown?

Usually a dentist will NOT remove the crown before doing a root canal, this is standard protocol by most dentists in most situations requiring a root canal on a tooth that has an existing crown. In fact, oftentimes a crown can't be removed without destroying it.

Norman Huefner, DDS
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