Is It Normal for a Persons Top Lip to Be Large Even a Month After Their Braces Are Removed? Will It Ever Go Back to Normal?

I  have had my braces removed, I've had them off for a month. Before I had braces my top lip was quite small, and the area between my nose and mouth was very tight and small as well. I knew when I had the braces on that that part of my face would stick out, but I thought it would go back to normal once I had them removed, however that hasn't been the case! It still looks like I have braces on even when I don't. My question is whether this is common and maybe my mouth needs to do some retraining but will eventually go back to being small and normal again, or if this big puffy top lip is a permanent thing.

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My Braces Made My Lips Stick Out

Most orthodontic braces are only a couple of millimeters thick and DO NOT usually change a patient's profile visibly during treatment (although they make your lips feel huge). What does change the fullness of the lips is the position of the underlying front teeth. When teeth are moved back, the lips follow. If the teeth are moved forward (by aligning crowded teeth without removing any), the lips will also move forward. If your lips (and underlying teeth) are too protrusive in your opinion after your braces are removed, you need to discuss this with your orthodontist. It may be that the only way to return your lips to their pre-treatment position would be by removing permanent teeth and "finishing" your orthodontic treatment. Good luck!


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