Is It Normal for Spaces to Be Created by Braces?

I had braces placed on june 11. I was diagnosed with 4mm open bite, overbite, and midfacial hypoplasia. The doctors plan to have me wear braces for a year to get my bite prepped for surgery. The problem is i noticed my lower teeth are straight but a space has opened up between my teeth. I just want to know if that is normal or if my orthodontist is a quack???

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Did My "Quacky" Orthodontist Make Spaces Between My Teeth?

YES your orthodontist could have caused spaces to appear between your teeth. NO he isn't a quack! The process of straightening your teeth takes place in stages. The first is aligning the arches. As teeth are lined up, you may notice a lot of "side effects" that make you say "hmmm?" Spaces appear where there were none before, teeth that were previously straight now overlap, or overbites are created that are worse than before the braces went on. This all occurs as the braces unravel the "compensations" that were present at the start of treatment. Your spaces, for example, were probably caused by the crowns of adjacent teeth being closer together than their roots. As the braces straighten those teeth, the crowns upright until the teeth are parellel. Although the roots may begin to move together, the crowns move apart much faster since they are in air as opposed to bone. Transitional crowding, spacing, overbites, openbites, etc. are all normal in the first part of treatment. Don't worry about them. Later in treatment however, you need to inform your orthodontist if any spaces or crowding occur that don't seem like part of the treatment plan.

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It is normal to get spacing between teeth during orthodontic treatment.

Short answer: Expect a space or two to open up during treatment. AND know it is forward progress.

Long answer: When you clean out your closet you have to move some stuff out of the way to make room for the reorganizations. This is one reason for gaps to open. Another reason is as teeth are straightened they take up less room in the mouth. When the crown is properly aligned over the root of the tooth(it's healthiest and most stable position) spaces can open up on each side of the tooth, even at the end of treatment.

Jacqueline Demko, DDS, MSD
Chesterfield Orthodontist

Spaces can be a normal part of the process

In order for your orthodontist to move your teeth into their ultimate end position, space must be created to properly align your teeth.  Don't worry about spaces opening up along the way.  You will end up at the right destination.

Martin Frankel, DDS
Toronto Dentist
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Space opening with braces is part of the process

The initial, light wire that goes into your mouth for braces is meant to expand your arches. If you think about your dental arches as a circle, if you are expanding them, you will have more circumference, and thus, space. So in short, let the process happen, you still have a while to go and your teeth will be in different positions every month until your finished. Have trust in your orthodontist and all will be well!

Mazyar Moshiri, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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