Is It Normal for Facial Veins to Reappear the Day After Vbeam Treatment?

I had vbeam laser treatment for spider veins on my nose and cheeks yesterday. This was my first non-purpuric treatment. I was pleased with the immediate result, about a 50 percent improvement. However, when I woke up this morning it appears the majority of the veins have reappeared. Is this normal? Will they begin to fade within a few weeks again? My next treatment is in one month. Also, my cheeks appear bright pink (not red) today. Is this normal as well? Thanks.

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Facial Veins after V-Beam Treatment

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Full results usually require three or more treatments spaced one month apart.  Non-purpuric (non-bruising) settings require more treatment sessions than when purpuric settings are used since lower energies are used for non-purpuric treatments.  It is also normal to have increased redness for a day or more after a V-Beam treatment.  This redness will go down on its own. 

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Is it normal for facial veins to reappear day after

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Hi there,

How many Vbeam treatment sessions have you had?  As you probably already know, most patients need several Vbeam treatment sessions for improvement.  At our office, we have treated patients without post treatment purpura (bruising) with good results.  It would be important to contact your treatment office to request a recheck of your treatment.  It is normal to appear bright pink after Vbeam treatments.

Hope this helps! 

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