Is It Normal to Feel Pain After Saline Implants Were Deflated? (photo)

Yesterday my plastic surgeon drained my saline implants. It will give me a chance to see my natural breasts, 19 years after implantation, and that will help me decide whether or not to add a breast lift to bag removal. Since yesterday I've been feeling weak, slightly nauseous now and then, and pain where he had to make two small incisions. I guess I would appreciate any assurances from someone who has experienced similar sensations and that they went away after a few days!

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Pain, Nausea, Weakness after Deflation of Saline Implants?

I'm sorry to hear about the symptoms you have been experiencing. Unfortunately, the only valid reassurance they can be provided to you will be through your plastic surgeon. Given your symptoms, it will be best for you to follow up with him to rule out complications.

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Needle Deflation of Saline Implants

It is possible that the saline fluid is causing inflammation and pain.  It could also be a source of infection.   I would undergo a followup evaluation with your plastic surgeon to assess if everything is safe and healthy.   You should notice rapid resolution of your concerns otherwise.

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Pain Nausea and Weakness After Saline Implants Are Deflated Warrants Concern


Simply stated: Call your plastic surgeon immediately to discuss your symptoms and be evaluated to see if you need to be treated.

Needle deflation of your saline implants does have a small risk of infection.

In very rare circumstances, the salt water within the envelope in these very old implants could be contaminated resulting in problems with needle deflation.

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Implant deflation

Implant deflation by needle can have complications.

Watch for infection symptoms and call your surgeon if you even just suspect any symptoms. Other complications is bleeding, palpability of implants, folding of implants and if let for long the fold can erode through the skin.

Ask your surgeon

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