Is It Normal to Have Darking of the Skin Around the Belly Button at 4 Months Post Op? (photo)

Is it normal to have darking of the skin around the belly button at 4 months Post op? I didnt have this darking of belly button before.To the right of the belly button there is some darkering there also.Is this Normal? I contacted my PS office 2/6/12 and they stated it was normal and as long as its not oozing fluids I'm fine.This isnt pleasing to me. It looks like it gets darker everyday. Stomach is very tender and still swelling along incision line. Should I get second option from another PS?

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Appearance of Belly Button after Tummy Tuck?

Thank you for the question and picture.

Pigment changes around incision lines after tummy tuck are common.  This is more frequently seen with patients who have naturally pigmented skin. Often, these changes do subside to some degree with time ( it may take over a year to see the scars fully mature).  I do not think a second opinion will be helpful to you.

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Darkened belly button after tummy tuck

the reason for it is that the scar tissue is quite thin and the blood vessels below the skin are casting a darker color. In most cases, with time, the scar tissue gets a little thicker and the color will fade. Otherwise you can try fading the color by getting a series of sessions with a YAG laser.

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Belly button color changes after a tummy tuck.

It is very common to see pigmentation changes around any healing incision, particularly if the patient has pigmented skin to begin with. These changes are not always permanent, but they can take over a year to dissipate.

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Darking of the Belly button

Pigmentation changes around incisions especially after tummy tuck is common. However, your changes looks like a rash. Even though it takes 1 year for scars to mature, you should expect some improvement at 4 month. I would recommend visiting your plastic surgeon for an evaluation. if they will not see you, then get a second opinion.

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