Can a Non Surgical Nose Job Correct a Ball Nose?

My nose looks like ball that just sits on my face. It's in a circular type, basically a bulbous nose. Could I be a good candidate for a non surgical procedure?

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Nonsurgical Nose Jobs for bulbous tips

Typically a bulbous nasal tip contains excess fat tissue, thick skin and small weak cartilages. In order to correct this, the fatty tissue has to be removed from the tip and cartilage grafts placed to add contour and strength to the tip. So in my opinion, injecting the tip will just make it more bulbous.
Also, fillers injected in the tip can probably cause necrosis (death to tissue) of the tip skin if too much filler is injected.

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Non surgical nose jobs should be done carefully and only in the proper patients. Unfortunately too often doctors will inject whoever walks through the door.

If adding a safe filler to the bridge of your nose is needed to give it more definition then your answer is yes. If adding a tiny bit of filler to the tip will give it definition then again the answer is yes. But if your nose needs a structural change to give it more definition due to thick skin and weak wide cartilages then a proper Rhinoplasty is a better approach - if done properly.

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