Non Surgical Option to Reduce Nasal Flare when Smiling?

Please closely read my question. I wanted to know if there is any non-surgical (or non-passing out) procedure that will reduce nasal flare when smiling. Can non-surgical Rhinoplasty help?

My problem is this: when I smile, think of a balloon. Around my tip area and a little bit above the tip, my nose flares like a fireball. Any non-surgical OR non-passing out way to fix this so that the nose is narrower in width? Thank you.

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No, generally that area needs to be surgically modified

Generally the area you are referring to needs to be surgically modified.  But you should get evaluated by an expert in surgical and nonsurgical rhinoplasty so they can determine what is best for you.

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Please closely read my answer. ;)

The non surgical method is Botox.  It may change your smile as well as well.  Whether you pass out or not had to do with how you feel about needles.  Some people pass out at the mere thought of getting injected.

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Botox for Nasal Flaring

Though I would have to analyze your particular musculature to accurately answer this question, it is possible that some patients benefit from Botox to diminish nasal flaring during smiles. Because Botox relaxes/paralyzes muscle, injecting it in the muscles that pull open the nostrils can help. However, this may also change the way your face looks during other expressions, and of course, it isn't permanent. 

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