Is Nostril Reduction Under Local Anesthesia Non-surgical?

In my previous question, I ask whether "passing out" is needed in non-surgical nostril reduction procedure. What I meant was "non-surgical" in the sense that you are only placed under local anesthesia and then you do not pass out. Meaning, it is non-surgical as a typical surgery requires. Did you mean that regardless of the type of anesthesia used, it is still surgical as there is cutting involved despite that you are conscious and can feel no pain during the procedure? Thanks for clarifying.

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What exactly is non-surgical rhinoplasty?

Having nasal surgery under local anesthesia isn't non-surgical. A non-surgical Rhinoplasty refers to injecting the nose with a tissue filler. Its also called injectable rhinoplasty or the 5 minute nose job (although it usually takes 20 minutes!).

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This is not "non-surgical."

The term "non-surgical" is used to describe any technique that does not involve cutting (i.e., incisions). It does not refer to what degree of anesthesia is used.

So a procedure such as nostril reduction that is performed under local anesthesia (injections of numbing medicine) is still "surgical." Typical non-surgical treatments include things like Botox injections, injections of wrinkle fillers, chemical peels, etc.

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Nostril reduction should be performed with great care

Reducing the size of the nostrils can be a very difficult procedure.  If the tissues do not heal as planned irregular shapes to the nostrils or unsightly scarring can occur.  It is best to make certain that the procedure is indicated and performed by someone with experience in this technique.

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Surgery is surgery, anesthesia is anesthesia.

There is no passing out, this is a bad thing.

You may have general anesthseia where you are carefully monitored as your consciousness is decreased and you are "put to sleep" so to speak.

Local anesthesia involves shots into the area to be operated. Frequently the surgeon can give an Rx for sedatives to ease your anxiety.

If there is cutting and sutures, it is surgery regardless of the anesthesia. All surgery and anesthesia requires care and planning to optimize safety and outcome.


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Nostril reduction is always a surgical procedure

Nostril reduction always requires surgery, meaning cutting out some of the tissue. You can't really make it smaller if you don't take some out. Citting means surgery. Surgery can be performed under different levels of anesthesia: local only, local with some sedation, or general. If you have it under local anesthesia only with no sedation, there might be some pain or discomfort during injection of the anesthetic itself. You can discuss it with your surgeon.

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Nostril reduction

 Nostril reduction or alar base excisions can be performed under local anesthesia. The injection will probably be uncomfortable, but after the initial injection it is rather painless.

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