Can a Non-surgical Nose Job Make my Nose Bigger or Wider?

Is there a way for the non-surgical nose job to make your nose bigger or wider? I ask this because as a man, I feel my nose looks weak for my appearance, and I am wondering if this procedure can help me out.

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Nonsurgical treatments including fillers can be used to...

Nonsurgical treatments including fillers can be used to alter the appearance of your nose, but the first thing I would recommend is to see a Plastic Surgeon in you region who can evaluate your anatomy and discuss with you what your goals are.

In general, it is rare that anyone wants their nose necessarily bigger or wider, even if you want the nose to look more masculine or stronger. The ideal nose is different for each person and depends on multiple factors (ethnicity, how it balances with the rest of your face on frontal view and in profile, etc). In addition, there are different aesthetic ideals for men and women, including the shape and angles of the tip and dorsum (top of the nose) and it is very difficult if not impossible to reach these anatomic goals with a natural, lasting result without surgery. Fillers are great options for very subtle changes or touchups after surgery, but I would be hesitant to offer it to a patient in your situation as the "best" choice.

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Non-surgical rhinoplasty or nose job for a male using injection fillers.


Depending on the areas to be treated there are methods to widen or "strengthen" the profile of the nose using fillers which is also known as the "non-surgical rhinoplasty or nose job". There are risks to all of these procedures and these should be discussed with your surgeon.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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The Right Fillers with the Right Placement

Hello Superman,

The overall answer to your question is yes. Without examing your nose and getting a sense of the underlying bones and cartilage as well as the quality of skin overlying your nose it would be inappropriate to universally say yes.

If on frontal view you feel that the middle boney part of your nose is to thin (think of Owen Wilson) then fillers are certainly a good choice for widening the appearance of your nose. The fillers of choice are Radiesse or Artefill. Placement is key and serial injections may be needed to get enough collagen formation to occurr.

If on side view your nose looks weak because the boney portion is concave or scooped out, fillers are a good option if it is mild only. When the profile is weak the best solution is surgical placement of a graft (called a dorsal onlay graft) to provide a safe and long lasting result. The amount of fillers required to build up a nasal dorsum very well may result in an unnatural look. While it's nice to avoid surgery, in this scenario surgery is the best option in the short and long term.

If you feel that your nasal tip (the squishy point of your nose) is too small then fillers are a good option. They can be used in specific locations to make the tip appear larger and rotated in a way that is becoming of a masculine male nose.

Hope this helps & stay away from the kryptonite.

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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

The non-surgical Rhinoplasty, or non-surgical nose job as it is most commonly called, can certainly help with your concerns as it is a revolutionary non-invasive cosmetic procedure that allows the nose to be reshaped without surgery. Through the use of injectable filler, the nose can be injected to straighten a nasal profile, lift a droopy tip, create a nose bridge, or smooth out a visible bump.

I hope this information helps!

Cory Torgerson, MD, PhD, FRCSC
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Non Surgical Nose Job

To answer your question, yes, a nonsurgical nose job can add height and width to the nose to give it a more masculine appearance.  This is usually done with a volumizing agent such as Perlane or Radiesse in men as these fillers resist deformation the greatest and seem to give the most longevity.  Voluma is also a good product however extra product is needed with Voluma given it's soft nature so can be less cost effective for men.

Mike Majmundar, MD
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Non-surgical nose enhancement

Fillers can be used to raise a dorsum and augment or increase the size in certain ways, but most fillers will disolve in time. Almost by definition though, anytime a filler is placed in the nose, the nose will be made larger due to the introduction of the filler. I am not sure that fillers will keep you happy in the long term though, but it might give you the ability to see what your nose might look like after surgery without going through the surgery at this time.

Julio Garcia, MD
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Will injections make a nose bigger?

Sure they will. Adding a tissue filler can enlarge a nose, while only surgery can reduce it. Small changes work best using a non-surgical Rhinoplasty.

Oakley Smith, MD, FRCSC
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Nasal reshaping is a complex process

Adding filler to the nose can make the nose wider and bigger.  However, what most patients desire is a balanced nose in harmony with the face.  An accurate assessment of your nose and face (including chin) is the best step to determine how to achieve your goals.

Robert Mounsey, MD
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Radiesse "Nose Job"

In general, non-surgical nose jobs aren't terribly effective. There is one situation, however, where it can work very nicely. This is the person who has what appears to be a hump on the nose but is actually a very deep root of the nose. If the very top of your nose dips in deeply, it can create the illusion of a hump.

Radiesse fills that area nicely for perhaps a year or so. Do not inject anything permanent into your nose like silicone. Other parts of the nose can respond to injectable fillers, but generally the results aren't very impressive. The vast majority of people who don't like their nose would like it to be smaller, and all non-surgical rhinoplasty options involve making the nose bigger.

Louis W. Apostolakis, MD
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A Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty works well to build the bridge of your nose.

In general, you can have the height of your nasal bridge increased with an Injectable Filler treatment. For example, if you feel that the bridge of your nose is too curved, then you could have the area filled to provide a straighter appearance.

You should consult a board-certified facial plastic surgeon experienced in the art of using Injectable Fillers for nasal enhancement. You should view many photos before you proceed.

I've attached a link to my Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty photos for your perusal.

I hope this is helpful for you.

Eric M. Joseph, MD
West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon
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