Nipple Color Coming Back? Help!

I have used a cream with hydroquinone to lighten some scars on my breast. I used it all over them because it was easier that way. It worked great!!.. Except one problem. My nipples used to be pink/red and now they are a light brown color. I think it is because of the cream. Is there anyway to get the color I used to have back?

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Helping Nipple Color to Return

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Color changes can be slow to correct themselves, even months to years in some cases. Approaching the discoloration with nurturing rather than aggression would be best in this sensitive area. For example, rub baby oil on the nipple areas and apply a warm cloth for 5-10 minutes each night. Then gently apply a good moisturizing cream. Your natural color should return! Don't forget to avoid what scarred you in the first place and be patient and consistent with your care.

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