Is It Possible to Repair Skin Damage Caused by Bleach?

A few years ago, I once tried bleaching my upper hair lips. I accidentally left it on a few minutes longer than the allotted time. As a result, I was left with a stain whiter than my skin, maybe 2-ish shades lighter than the rest of my face. Every time my face turns red from working out, rushing around, etc., my entire face will be red but my upper lip remains pale white. Even if I get a tan, my upper lip area remains pale white. Is it possible to repair the damage back to normal?

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Skin lighter than rest of lip

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You should try not to get tan as you observed, since this makes the color difference more obvious. If the rest of your face has fine blood vessels, you could have them treated with a pulsed dye laser-that would also make the color difference less ovious. An excimer laser might repigment the skin, but this result is not permanent and would have to be repeated over time.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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