After a BBL I've heard you lose volume due to fat cells dying. I've also heard volume may continue to increase. Is this true?

Hello, I've heard after a BBL procedure you may lose a certain percentage of volume due to fat cells dying that is understood. However, I've also heard from many BBL patients that the volume of the butt will continue to increase as time progresses. I can understand the concept of it shrinking due to the dying cells but I can't understand how it gets bigger or increase in volume? Also, at what point is it safe to say or see your final results. Thank you for your time. Looking forward to your response. 

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After a BBL I've heard you lose volume due to fat cells dying. I've also heard volume may continue to increase. Is this true

The fatty tissue should not increase unless there is a gain in overall body fat.

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Fat is alive, and if you gain weight the fat cells will enlarge. If you lose weight the fat cells will shrink. I tell patients that by about 8-12 weeks they are pretty much where they are going to be. There may be a slight decrease over some time after that due to residual swelling.  

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Thank you for your question.

Your buttocks will look slightly smaller than it did right after surgery because the swelling will begin to resolve and some of that fat cells will not survive. Fat survival after fat grafting depends on a few things such as technique used, anatomy, genetics, post operative care etc. Best case scenario, usually about 70% of the transferred fat will survive. Within the first 6 months, about 30% of the fat cells will not survive and will be reabsorbed and passed through your body. Whatever fat is remaining after 6 months, is what will remain as long as your weight remains stable. The only way the buttocks will get larger is due to weight gain. Best of luck.

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