How Do You Sleep After Liposuction and Butt Augmentation?

How do you sleep after having liposuction in the stomach and fat grafting in the butt, also I will love to shape my hips with the fat grafting, so how will I be able to sleep, because I wouldnt be able to sleep on my sides due to the fat transfer to my hip areas (main area I want to reshape)?

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Sleeping Position following Brazilian But Lift/ Fat transfer to Buttocks

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Best Sleep Position after Butt Augmentation

The best sleeping position after a buttock augmentation would be lying flat on your

stomach or side. 


Roll over, roll over.....

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Most likely, the best position after what you describe will be on your stomach, lying flat.  Of course, your surgeon will recommend what he or she prefers.

In my practice, after fat grafting the buttocks, I prefer patients to avoid sitting or lying on their back as much as possible.

I don't think that you'll have any issues with the hips lying flat on your stomach.

Good luck!!

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